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2 Trending HVAC Changes For Young Homeowners To Look Forward To In The Near Future

The world around you is constantly shifting thanks to changes in modern technology, economics, and environmental concern. As a new, younger generation of homeowners enters the market, such as yourself, changes will take place that you may have never before thought possible. In fact, here are two things you might be able to expect in the near future with regard to your HVAC system.

Tech Supporting Your HVAC

When something goes wrong with your HVAC system, your first thought is always to call an HVAC professional. Of course, shifting trends may have you dialing a contractor and an IT professional for the same problem. For example, one recent shift is the connection between residential wireless internet and HVAC systems.

Wi-Fi enabled thermostats allow tech-savvy homeowners to control the temperature and efficiency of your system all from one user-friendly device with an easy-to-use interface. As of 2012, approximately 61 percent of American households had Wi-Fi networks throughout their home, meaning this trend is not far off the horizon. In fact, many commercial businesses and even some residential homeowners are already opting for smart home technology such as this.

Of course, you will still require the assistance of an HVAC professional should something go wrong with your system, but a call to a tech professional may not be far behind. One good thing about this shifting trend is the fact that it can help save you money on your monthly energy bill. As of 2011, Americans spent an average of $163 on their monthly utility bill.

Wi-Fi enabled thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home even when you are away, thereby lowering your monthly bill. Furthermore, manufacturers are even creating thermostats that learn your behavior and HVAC preferences. For example, if you like to turn your heat down at night during the winter months, your thermostat will remember your preference and adjust your system accordingly.

Going Green with Your HVAC

Many homeowners are now leaning toward more eco-friendly options for their home. For example, the use of solar panels or energy-efficient appliances is quickly becoming a mainstream idea among American citizens. Considering the eco-friendly "Green Movement" has picked up in speed over the last few years, it only makes sense to ensure your HVAC is green enough, too.

In recent years, furnace manufacturers have increased the efficiency rating of their units as a way of helping homeowners save money. In fact, some of the best gas furnaces on the market offer an efficiency rating of 94 percent. However, geothermal units provide a 400 percent efficiency rating. Although geothermal units are not quite as widely used as standard gas furnaces, it does not mean their popularity won't increase over the years.

Given that geothermal units offer environmental benefits that coincide with environmental concerns and green technology, it is a shifting trend that deserves attention. Of course, there are also drawbacks to this trending unit, which is the initial price tag. Whereas traditional units may cost approximately $4,000 to install, it can cost a whopping $7,500 to install a geothermal unit. However, that very expensive system can also introduce yearly energy savings of 40 to 70 percent.

Contact a local HVAC contractor near you for more information regarding shifting trends. You may quickly find that keeping up with modern technology and modern changes can account for lower monthly utility bills and a more environmentally-friendly approach toward heating and cooling your home.

If anything should go wrong with your HVAC system, make sure you have a contractor inspect it. Even if you already have Wi-Fi enabled thermostat controls in your home, a contractor will still have to inspect the duct work and the unit itself for any issues.

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