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Wintertime Is The Right Time To Prepare Your A/C System For Summer

As the saying goes, "there's no time like the present." This definitely applies to getting your air-conditioning system ready for the warmer months ahead, even though it might be the middle of winter right now. By being proactive about preparing your A/C system, you'll save yourself plenty of headaches and avoid wasting time and money on last-minute prep work.

Why Not Wait Until Spring?

Right about now, you're probably asking yourself why you couldn't just wait until after winter to have your A/C system straightened out. Turns out there are plenty of good reasons why deferring A/C maintenance and repairs until the spring might not be such a good idea.

For instance, imagine if your HVAC technician checked your A/C system and found a major problem that required extensive repairs. If this happened during mid to late spring, you might not have enough time to have your A/C system repaired to beat the summertime heat. Having your A/C checked out during the winter gives you more time to address serious problems without worrying about being without air conditioning when summer rolls around. If you're thinking about having your current A/C system replaced entirely, you also have more time to choose one that's best suited for your home's unique cooling needs.

Secondly, your HVAC technician might not be available when you need him or her most if you wait too long. The late spring and early summer periods are times when HVAC technicians are in high demand. Given that most technicians may be tied up with making emergency repairs and general cooling system maintenance during this time, you could find yourself waiting several days or even weeks for your appointment with your local HVAC technician.

Winter A/C Prep Also Comes with Lower Costs

It's not just the extra time for extensive A/C repairs or the greater availability of technicians that makes wintertime A/C care worthwhile. There's also the cost of your A/C service to consider. Having your A/C system inspected and serviced during the winter may be less expensive, in most cases, than waiting for the spring to have your service done.

Many HVAC contractors offer significant discounts and incentives on A/C service during the winter months, making it more attractive to customers in search of a good bargain. As a result, you could save up to hundreds of dollars simply by taking advantage of these deals.

Ways You Can Prepare Your A/C System

During a typical wintertime A/C service, there's a good chance your HVAC technician will do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to major service items. These include checking the A/C system's current refrigerant level, inspecting the compressor, and performing the lubrication on all major moving parts, including the blower fan motor. In some cases, your HVAC contractor may also inspect and clean the evaporator coil to prevent performance issues during the summer months.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of other things you can do on your own as a part of your own wintertime A/C inspection:

Change the HVAC air filter - Changing the air filter is a simple yet essential task that'll ensure your A/C system remains reliable and energy-efficient. The air filter should be changed at least every 3 months.

Clear debris from the outdoor condenser unit - Stray leaves, branches, and other debris can block air flow to the outdoor condenser unit, resulting in performance issues. Make sure to clear debris from around the unit.

Check for visible wear and damage on electrical wiring - Look out for frayed or unintentionally severed wiring, as well as wiring with melted insulation. It's usually a good idea to have your HVAC technician replace any damaged wiring you encounter.

Test your thermostat - Make sure your thermostat is able to call for cooling when given the proper settings. Now is also a good time to upgrade your current thermostat to a programmable model, if you haven't done so already.

These tips can help you prepare your A/C for springtime and summertime duty without breaking a sweat. For more information, contact a company like Cape Fear Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Inc.