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3 Ways To Integrate Renewable Energy Into Your Furnace Replacement Project

If you have an old furnace, then there is eventually going to come the day when you need to have it replaced. Furnaces are often powered by gas or electricity, but there are also newer technologies that can be used to heat your home with renewable energy. You may want to consider a furnace that uses solar energy, is powered by biomass or a more efficient heat pump system. Here are some of the best solutions to replace your furnace with renewable energy solutions for your heating:

1. The Many Different Options for Solar Powered Heating Systems

If you want to add solar energy to your home heating system, there are many ways this can be done. You may want to consider installing a solar water heater, which can be used for your hot water and heating needs. Another option is to have solar panels installed that produce electricity, which can then be used to power your heating system. The great thing about using solar energy for heating is that it is a very affordable improvement that can be integrated into many different types of heating systems.

2. Biomass Systems That Are Efficient and Use Renewable Resources

Another great renewable energy source that is used in many forms to heat homes; it can be used as radiant heating with boilers, supplement conventional heating with stoves or as a forced-air heating solution with the use of a furnace or hydronic heat exchanger. Biomass is also available in the form of firewood, wood chips or dried organic pellet fuels, which give you different choices of fuel depending on the availability of biomass where you live.  Pellet fuels are a clean and simple solution to use biomass for residential heating systems.

3. Heat Pump Systems for A More Efficient Way of Heating and Cooling

Another solution for a more efficient heating system for your home is a heat pump. These systems work especially well in areas where winters are milder. The heat pump uses the available heat from the environment around them to heat your home and are much more efficient than conventional HVAC systems. It is a system that provides you with efficient heating and cooling to keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low.

These are some of the different systems to consider replacing your furnace with a renewable energy system. Contact a furnace replacement service, like Air Time Heating & Cooling, and talk with them about some of these options.