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Three Problems Your Refrigerator Might Experience

Refrigerator malfunctions can lead to the spoilage of large amounts of food, and it can put you at a greater risk of developing a foodborne illness. Despite its importance, there are many homeowners that are not familiar with the problems and issues that their refrigerator is likely to encounter.

Cold Air Leaking From Around The Door

Cold air seeping out from the edges of the door can be an expensive problem as it will force the refrigerator to run for far longer than it normally would. This issue is often associated with failing door gaskets. While the effects of this problem can be fairly severe, the repair is as simple as removing the previous door seal and replacing it with a new one. Prior to buying a new door seal, you should consult the owner's manual as it will likely include measurements for the door seal. Choosing a seal that does not correctly fit the door can lead to further air leakage.

The System Stops Cooling For Periods Of Time

You may one day open the freezer door to find that the items in it are thawing. However, they may refreeze after several hours. This may be a sign that the motor of the refrigerator is starting to encounter issues and is no longer able to effectively circulate the refrigerant. Also, dirty condenser coils can also contribute to this problem as they will be unable to effectively vent the heat from the system, which can severely reduce cooling capacity. A routine servicing of the refrigerator will likely correct this problem as it will give the technician a chance to thoroughly clean these coils. In situations where this problem is caused by a failing motor, the technician will be able to replace it so that the unit's performance is restored.

Water Is Leaking Out The Bottom

Water puddling around the base of a refrigerator can be a damaging issue to have as the water can rot the floors or contribute to other forms of water damage. Over the course of its operation, a refrigerator will produce fairly large amounts of condensation. This condensation will collect in a pan near the bottom of the refrigerator. If this part of the system becomes dirty or blocked, the condensation will start to spill onto the floor. Every few months, you should inspect this collector to ensure that it is clear of debris. If you find that the collector is extremely dirty, it is designed to be easily removed so that it can be thoroughly cleaned.

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