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Four Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Heater's Performance

As vital as they are to our comfort within our homes and offices, heaters are also heavy consumers of energy. Much of the energy you consume during the cold months will go towards heating your house. However, if your heater isn't operating optimally, it could be consuming more energy than is required. The downsides of this include:

  • Higher energy bills

  • Lower equipment life

Therefore, before the season for using heaters comes around, it's important to make certain adjustments to help the heater perform better.

Perform an Annual Maintenance

Your heater should be serviced by a professional heating contractor at least once every year. Servicing of heaters is a great way of ensuring that everything in the heater is in optimal condition before you need to use it.

There are parts of the heater that will undergo wear and tear, and there are other parts that may be damaged by something else. Annual maintenance helps to correct such issues early enough. This helps the heater to perform better and lowers the likelihood of a sudden failure.

Clean the Filters and Bleed Radiators

In homes where forced-air systems are used, the heater/furnace will probably have a filter. This filter is used to trap impurities that may be carried by the air from outside. The filter can become clogged quite quickly, and this can reduce the efficiency of the heater. Filters should be changed or cleaned once a month.

For heating systems that use radiators, you'll need to remove any air that may be trapped inside the radiators. This is done by letting the boiler heat up and turning on the circulator pump before opening the radiators' valves. Leave the valves open until only water is coming out. This should be done at the start of the heating season.

Improve Efficiency

As efficient as your system is at the moment, there are changes that can improve the efficiency further. A programmable thermostat, for starters, is a simple addition that can be very effective. There are thermostats that can even program themselves based on your rhythms.

Install Energy Recovery Ventilators

Energy recovery ventilators use the energy in air being exhausted from a building to preheat the incoming air. There are many advantages to having such systems. They improve the quality of indoor air and also reduce the heating demands placed on the heater. Buildings with such systems installed have registered a significant reduction in energy consumption.

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