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How To Control Summer Humidity In Your Home

Having the proper levels of humidity is important for your hair, skin, and health. It also plays an important role in maintaining the condition of your home. Low humidity levels can result in faster deterioration of your house and the furniture. It also makes it easier for certain organisms to thrive.

Ideally, the humidity level inside your home should be at 45%. However, anything between 30 to 50 percent should be okay. How can you ensure that the humidity levels in your home remain at this level in the summer?

Have a Monitoring System

In the summer, there is a greater chance of humidity levels in your home being high. This is because warm air has the capacity to hold more water vapor. Therefore, you need a system to let you know if the humidity levels are higher than what is recommended. There are many products that you can buy that are designed to monitor humidity levels inside buildings. Pay particular attention to the basement and other locations in the house that are likely to have a lot of moisture.

Keep Rooms Properly Ventilated

Proper ventilation doesn't just keep the house cool; it also helps to lower humidity levels. Ensure that for a few hours each day, you open the windows in your home to help keep it well ventilated. The kitchen and the bathrooms, in particular, should be ventilated since these areas are hotspots for moisture accumulation.

Turn on Your Air Conditioning System

Just like opening windows, turning on air conditioners does more than cool the room. These systems are designed to also reduce the level of humidity in the indoor air. However, you should avoid keeping the system running for too long in a sealed building. This can make the air too dry, and this makes it easier for certain allergens to rise.

Keep Your AC in Good Condition

In order for your air conditioning system to efficiently reduce the level of humidity, it needs to be in good working condition. If the AC filters become clogged, this will slow down the flow of air, and this will make them less efficient at reducing the indoor air humidity. Hire a professional air conditioning services company to ensure your AC is in good working condition during the summer.

Buy a Dehumidifier

The less complicated solution for reducing humidity levels inside your home during summer is to buy a dehumidifier if you can afford one.

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