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Installing Ducts & Vents For A New HVAC System: Faqs

Maybe you are making the change from a boiler system or radiant floor heat system or perhaps you just need new ducts and vents. Either way, this HVAC related project is a big undertaking all in itself. Take a look at some of the things you should know about installing new ducts and vents in your home. 

How much will it cost to have new ducts and vents installed?

The exact price of installing new ducts and vents can vary pretty drastically depending on the customer. In general terms, you should expect the project to cost you around $3,000-$5,000, but that is just a rough estimate. There can be a lot of factors involved that will make your costs substantially higher. For example, a house that is especially a challenge may involve costs around $10,000 to have the ducts and vents replaced or installed. 

What factors will make installing new ducts and vents more costly?

In a house that poses more of a challenge, it means contractors will have to spend a lot more time in the house doing the work. Therefore, even a seemingly simple job can be higher than what you may expect. Some of the factors that can make this project more costly for you than the average homeowner would include things like:

  • If you have a rather large house that has many different rooms 
  • If you have an older home that requires a lot more work to install the new vents and ducts
  • If there are old ducts and vents that have to be removed beforehand

If there are old ducts and vents that will have to be removed, you may be able to save a little money by taking down the old systems yourself. Talk to an HVAC installation service to find out if this would be a possibility in your situation. 

Are there advantages that come along with adding new vents and ducts?

If you do not already have a system of vents or ducts in your home and you decide to have them installed along with a new HVAC system, there are definitely a few advantages. For one, the system of vents and ducts tend to have a really long lifespan, so the new system will likely last through multiple HVAC systems. Having a system of ducts and vents can also raise the value of your property since most homeowners prefer that this is a feature already in place.