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2 Odors Indicating That Your Home's Air Conditioning Unit Needs Immediate Repairs

While running your central air conditioning unit, you normally do not smell anything out of the ordinary in the air of your home. However, there are certain odors that are signs of a serious problem within the unit that should be addressed right away, as they mean there is a serious problem that requires immediate repairs.

1.  Odor Resembling the Smell of Paint Thinner

One smell that should alert you to something wrong with your central air conditioning unit is one that resembles the odor of paint thinner. This odor is usually quite strong and has a distinct chemical quality to it.

If you are detecting this odor, there is a good possibility that coolant is leaking heavily from either the unit's air compressor or a broken line. Normally, if there is a small leak, you usually do not smell anything out of the ordinary. Even if you do, it will be intermittent and faint.

However, if there is a large leak, the coolant will contaminate the air. Since coolant is hazardous to a person's health and the environment, do not delay in having a repair service take a look at your A/C unit.

2.  Smell Reminiscent of Burning Metal

Another odor that is a cause for alarm when detected is one that is reminiscent of burning metal. This acrid smell can also have a characteristic that resembles gunpowder or the odor you often smell when fireworks are being shot off.

If your home's smell fits this description, there is likely an electrical issue within your air conditioning unit. There may be wires that have become frayed, causing them to arc electricity between them and scorch the metal.

Or, there could be a problem inside the unit's motor. If the wires have become corroded or the gears are grinding down, the sparks coming from the wires or the grinding of the gears will heat up the metal, causing it to burn.

At first, you may only detect this odor intermittently. However, if you ignore it and not call for immediate repairs, it will become more constant, indicating that your unit may burn out in the near future.

If you detect either of the above odors coming from your home's A/C unit, there is most likely a serious issue that needs immediate attention. Contact an HVAC contractor who offers residential AC repair services to have them conduct a full inspection of your air conditioner and discuss your options for fixing any problems that they find.