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What's Wrong With Your Radiant Floor Heater?

Radiant floor heating systems are some of the newest and most accommodating systems today. However, some systems can malfunction or experience problems over time. Some of your rooms and floors may be colder than other areas in your house, which can make everyone in your family feel less than comfortable. Here are possible reasons why your radiant heater isn't performing at its best.

You Have the Wrong Covering on Your Floors

Unlike traditional furnaces, space heaters, and wall-mounted heating systems, which all sit out in the open, a radiant heating system sits below the subfloors in your house. As heat rises from your radiant heater, it pushes through the floors and into every designated room in your house. However, the surface above the heater must be free of anything that obstructs heat, including rubber flooring, shag rugs, and padded carpeting.

If you have any of the floor coverings above in your rooms, remove them. You can replace the flooring with ceramic tile, porcelain, or laminate. These types of flooring work well with radiant heating systems.

If you change your flooring and still experience uneven heating in your house, contact a contractor or HVAC company as soon as you can.

You Need New Heating Cables

Radiant floor heating systems rely on cables and other fixtures to generate heat. If one or more of the cables become defective, the system can behave or perform poorly. A contractor can uncover the cables and troubleshoot them for problems. 

A contractor can replace the defective cables with new cables. An HVAC contractor may need to replace cables in several of your rooms. To do so, a contractor may need to remove your flooring and subfloor to access the cables.

A contractor may also test the electronic fixture in your radiant heating system. Electrical components, such as a thermostat, can lose power, break, or stop working altogether. A contractor can usually replace a broken thermostat quickly. If the replacement takes longer, a contractor will let you know ahead of time.

In addition to bad cables and thermostats, radiant floor heaters can fail from excessive wear and tear. If you use your system a lot, it may be simply worn out and requires a replacement. A heating repair contractor can determine if you need to replace your system soon.

If your radiant floor heater doesn't perform well, even with the right flooring, contact a heating repair person today.