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2 Early Warning Signs Your Home's Furnace Needs Repairing

When a furnace breaks down unexpectedly, there can be early indicators of complete failure that are often missed because they can be very subtle. To avoid complete furnace breakdown during the winter months, be on the lookout for the following early warning signs that could indicate a problem with the unit which needs repairing.

1.  Moisture Continuously Builds up on Your Windows

One early warning sign that your furnace has an issue is when you start to notice moisture building up on the inside of your home's windows. This condensation problem, of course, does not include moisture produced in the kitchen during cooking or in the bathroom after showering.

While your furnace is responsible for heating your home, it also has the job of regulating moisture in your home. If there is a problem with the motor that prevents it from thoroughly heating and removing moisture from the air while it passes through the furnace, the excess moisture will prevent itself by building up on your windows.

If you do notice unusual amounts of condensation, have your heater checked out. If the motor is having issues, it is better to have it repaired early-on than face total failure necessitating emergency repairs or replacement.

2.  Furnace Often Kicks off before Thoroughly Heating Your House

Another possible sign that your furnace is experiencing problems is when it starts to kick off before it has a chance to thoroughly heat your house. You may hear it run for a few minutes, then it will kick off before your desired temperature is reached. This is often a sign that the blower fan is failing or the motor is weakening.

However, rapid cycling could also be an indication that the thermostat is either malfunctioning or requires fresh batteries if it takes them. Replace the batteries or the thermostat itself to see if it is causing the issue.

If your furnace continues to kick off too early even after troubleshooting the thermostat, the problem most likely lies with the unit itself. Have a professional inspect the unit to be sure.

If your home's furnace is exhibiting the above signs, there may be an issue with it that requires professional attention. Before your furnace breaks down completely, contact an HVAC contractor who offers heating repair services to have them inspect your heating unit to discover the problem and discuss your options for fixing any issues they find.