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Duct and Thermostat Care Are Two Important Parts of Air Conditioning Maintenance

When you think of air conditioning maintenance, you probably think of servicing the condenser outside and the air handler blower and coils inside. While these are critically important parts of your HVAC system, there are two other parts that play a role in keeping your home cool. One is the thermostat and the other is the duct system. Here's a look at how these parts can be maintained along with the rest of your AC.

Thermostat Maintenance

Whether you have an old mercury thermostat or a newer digital model, the unit has to be calibrated for accuracy. You can do this yourself by following the instructions in your manual or you can ask the AC maintenance technician if they provide this service during an annual tune-up.

The technician may also clean the thermostat if necessary during an annual service call. They might also check for good connections and loose wiring to make sure the thermostat is able to control the AC properly. The settings on the thermostat may be adjusted temporarily to make sure your AC is operational and your system is ready to cycle on and off along with changes in summer weather.

If problems are found with the thermostat, the maintenance technician might make repairs or they might discuss your options for replacing the thermostat with a new model. A thermostat that functions properly is essential when you want the best performance from your AC.

Duct Maintenance

Check your ducts occasionally if it's possible to see your ducts from your attic or other easily accessible place. If you see gaps or damaged areas in the ducts, have them repaired so cool air doesn't leak out and run up your cooling bill. You might be able to repair a simple gap with duct tape yourself, but you want to make sure the seal is tight because air that leaks out could attract mice, and you don't want rodents in your ducts.

You may not need to do much to maintain your ducts over the years, but if you renovate your home and create a lot of dust, or if you smoke in your house, have pets, or have a problem with mold, you may want your ducts cleaned to improve the air quality in your home.

Checking on your ducts and having your thermostat serviced are just two parts of air conditioning maintenance to keep up with. The air handler and condenser also need regular service by a professional and occasional maintenance by you so your entire system works efficiently and makes it through the summer without major problems or a breakdown.