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Times To Call An Air Conditioning Repair Service For Help With Your AC

If your air conditioner is malfunctioning, your home may not be as cool as it should be. The equipment could even be running inefficiently and affecting your power bill. When you notice problems with your AC, call an air conditioning repair service without delay. The sooner you have repairs done, the sooner you'll be comfortable again. More importantly, you can prevent expensive damage to your equipment by having timely repairs. Here are some signs your air conditioner could need repairs.

When The AC Runs All The Time

An air conditioner is designed to kick on and run for a bit before shutting down and staying off for several minutes. This might change somewhat when it's extremely hot outside, but it's generally not normal for your air conditioner to run all day or to start, stop, and then start again in rapid succession. Unfortunately, if your AC runs all the time, it will drive up your power bill. When the equipment starts and stops frequently, the wear and tear can be damaging to your AC.

Several things can cause your AC to run longer than it is supposed to. For example, the system might have a refrigerant leak or have problems with the thermostat. When your AC shuts off and on much faster than normal, that could be a sign that it is overheating and shutting off for safety reasons. As such, rather than risk damage to your equipment and run up your power bill, call an air conditioning repair service to figure out what's wrong with your unit and have them make repairs if necessary.

When The AC Blows Warm Air Or No Air

Your AC should always have cool air blowing out the vents. If the air seems warmer than usual, there might be a problem with the refrigerant. Refrigerant levels don't drop unless there is a leak in the system somewhere. An AC repair technician will need to find the leak and then repair it before more refrigerant can be added to start cooling your house down.

If your AC doesn't blow out any air at all, that could signal a problem with the blower or blower motor. If your air conditioner doesn't put out any air, you could have emergency repairs done if it's extremely hot outside or if someone in your home has breathing problems, such as COPD or asthma.

When You Hear Unusual Noises

When parts in your air conditioner start to fail, they can make new and unusual noises. If problems develop with the blower motor, you might hear a squealing or screeching noise if the belt or bearings are bad. You could even hear odd noises coming from the condenser outside if the capacitor or compressor malfunction. In this case, call an air conditioning repair service when you hear strange noises coming from your AC. You might need to shut the equipment off to prevent damage until a repair person arrives to handle the problem.

Contact an air conditioning repair service for more information.