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4 Times You Need To Bring In A Professional To Fix Your Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning system keeps you comfortable, which is why it is important to understand when your system needs professional repair and when you can handle what is going on.

#1: Loose Parts

Loose parts usually create some rattling or other unpleasant noise with your air conditioning system. You may also notice higher energy bills when a part is loose and not functioning correctly. A loose part is more than annoying; it can cause your system to function optimally, and it can even cause damage inside of your system. If you can't see the loose part that is making your system rattle, you will want to bring in a professional to open your machine and find the loose parts.

#2: Broken Motor Belt

When the motor belt breaks inside your air conditioning system, it will start making a whining or screaming noise, which can be really irritating. It is best to turn off your system and get a professional to come in and fix the belt. It will generally start making noise before it breaks completely, so call in a professional air conditioning repair person when your AC starts making noise.

#3: Broken Fan Blades

Broken fan blades can make a simple sound to a broken motor belt; you make a loud screeching noise. A broken air fan blade is usually accompanied by a reduction in airflow throughout your home as well, which will let you know that you have a broken fan blade. You can continue to run your system; however, the system will likely not work that well. Call in a professional to fix your fan blade so that your system will blow out the air you need to stay cool.

#4: Leaking Refrigerant

Most air conditioning systems run on refrigerants. Leaking refrigerant is serious, as this material can be harmful to pets and small children. When you have refrigerant leaking, your unit may short-cycle, not push out enough cool air, and make an unpleasant hissing sound. With a refrigerant leak, you are going to want to clean it up right away. Then, you need the refrigerant refilled right away by a professional in order to enjoy cool air from your unit again. 

You will want to call in a professional to assist with your air conditioning unit if you hear the sound of a loose part, motor belt, or fan blade. Leaking refrigerant also needs to be cleaned up right away, and your AC needs to be refilled.