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3 Parts Of Your AC Condenser That Need To Be Cleaned During An Annual Service Call

One important air conditioning service you need each spring is to have the condenser cleaned and checked. Cleaning is important because the condenser is outside and exposed to flying debris, pests, and all kinds of weather conditions. Dirty equipment can't operate efficiently, and that means your power bill will be higher than it needs to be. Here are three parts of the condenser that need to be cleaned during an annual service call.

1. The Fins On The Outside Of The Condenser

If you don't cover or protect the condenser when the AC isn't in use, the fins can get matted with wind-blown debris. Dirt, dust, bits of tree particles, and trash can wedge between the fins or coat the outside of the condenser. When this happens, airflow is blocked and the condenser coils can't cool off.

Fins can be cleaned by spraying them with a hose or using a comb to clean and straighten them. Fins bend easily, so care is taken to work carefully so the fins aren't damaged.

2. The Coil That Carries Refrigerant

The fins make up the backside of the condenser coil that holds refrigerant. In addition to keeping the fins clean, the coils have to be clean too, or the refrigerant won't be able to cool down your house as well.

An AC maintenance technician can clean the coils and check them for leaks at the same time. Checking the level of refrigerant is another important air conditioning service you should have done every year because your AC can't keep you cool when it is low on refrigerant.

3. The Fan That Cools The Condenser

Your AC condenser has a big fan in it that keeps the parts cool. You can see the big fan blades under the lid of the unit. The blades can accumulate dust and grime, and if the blades get too dirty, they get hard to spin and they don't put out as much air. This can lead to overheating of the compressor or fan motor. As such, it's good to clean the fan at least once a year to prevent problems a dirty fan can cause.

Cleaning these major parts of your AC condenser is an important step in maintaining your equipment properly. Clean equipment operates more efficiently, and it also has a lower risk of breaking down. While cleaning is an important air conditioning service to have done, a maintenance technician will also check the parts to look for worn areas, loose wires, and damaged parts so they can be serviced, repaired, or replaced before hot weather arrives. For more information, contact an air conditioning service