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The HVAC Company Guide To Summer Upgrades And AC Improvements

The summer weather is getting hotter, and your AC is working harder. This may also cause higher energy bills and problems that require costly repairs. There are upgrades that you may want to talk to an HVAC company about to address these issues. The following summer HVAC improvements will make your AC more reliable and efficient:

Upgrading Blowers for Airflow

The AC system uses a blower fan to circulate the cool air to different areas of your home. The first upgrade to consider is a blower with a variable-speed motor for a more efficient design. There are also options for booster fans, which can be installed in the ducts to improve the airflow. There are also options for air filtration and purification that can be added to your system to improve the air quality through your HVAC design.

AC Replacement for Efficient Cooling

The AC unit may just be outdated and worn out. When the repairs begin to become too costly, you may want to consider a replacement. Today, there are alternative options to consider for replacing your old AC unit. You can discuss options like a heat pump installation with your HVAC company for a more efficient solution for your home. AC heat pumps are great to provide heating and cooling to upgrade the old compressor and your furnace.

Addressing Problems with Ducts and Air Leaks

There are also various issues with air leaks that you may have to deal with. These problems can start with damaged ductwork insulation, which may need to be replaced. There may be other issues with air leaks in your home, such as around windows, that you may want to repair on your own. HVAC equipment like air handlers and plenums can be other areas where there may be problems with air leaks that need to be repaired.

Upgrading the Thermostat and HVAC Controls

The controls of your HVAC system may be another area where you want to consider upgrades. Today, there are various options for controls and smart thermostats that can improve the efficiency of your system. You can talk to your HVAC company about doing a zoned design for your heating and cooling systems. These are designs that provide HVAC to different areas of your home separately for improved efficiency and comfort.

The AC improvements that you do for the summer months can help prevent costly repairs and efficiency issues. Contact an HVAC company to discuss these options to upgrade your AC.