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3 Air Conditioning Services Required In A New Home

Air conditioning is a necessity during the hot summer months. The cooler air will keep you cool, reduce your energy costs and keep your house at a more constant temperature. This article discusses three air conditioning services required in a new home.

1. Air Conditioning Installation

You may need air conditioning installation in your new home if the existing unit does not work correctly or you need an upgrade. The installation process involves running new wires to the unit, connecting them to an electrical source, and installing a thermostat for easy control. HVAC contractors can install new and modern systems that are more energy-efficient in your home. They'll get you a system that provides maximum comfort and is correctly sized for your home.

The type of AC system they'll choose for you will also depend on your budget, how much control you want over the temperature, and what you want the unit to do. If your house has large spaces and multiple rooms, you'll need a central system that can provide your home with appropriate ventilation and cooling, even when occupants aren't there. There are also ductless AC systems that can be mounted on walls or ceilings. They come with advanced features that allow you to control everything right from your phone or computer.

2. Air Conditioning Tune-up

Your home's air quality is important. Poor air quality can cause breathing problems, allergies, and illness. A tune-up service for your unit is essential to maintain the health of every member of your home. HVAC professionals can clean your system's evaporator coil, inspect the condensate drain line, remove debris in or around your unit and check for blocked airflow or obstructed ventilation. They also inspect the fan blades and fix the leaking areas. This will make your system run efficiently and keep you comfortable all year long.

3. Air Conditioning Repair Services

Like other electrical appliances, your air conditioning system may need some repairs, especially if you've bought a house that was previously occupied. You can tell your system needs repair if you notice signs such as low airflow, high energy bills, and noisy running sounds. The sooner you get your repairs done, the better your chance of saving money and ensuring that everything in your home stays comfortable.

An HVAC contractor can assess the problem with your system and get it working again. They'll check all parts within the system for defects or blockages that are preventing proper airflow, inspect your air filters, clean them, and top up the levels of your refrigerant levels.

If you want to live comfortably in your new home, you need to invest in quality air conditioning services. Contact an HVAC contractor today if you need these services and more.