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4 Warning Signs An AC Tune-Up Is Due

When did you last service your air conditioner? To ensure your AC is working effectively and efficiently at all times, you should treat it the same way you treat your car. This means seeking regular maintenance services. 

Fortunately, air conditioners will send you warning signs when there is an issue, allowing you to solve it before it advances into a bigger problem. Below are four tell-tale signs it's time for an AC tune-up.

Strange Noises Coming From Your AC

Old air conditioners may produce some noises when they're turned on. That's normal. But if you start to hear new strange sounds, there may be an internal issue. Check your AC if it makes common sounds like a whistle, hissing, humming, or buzzing noises.

Generally, a humming noise will indicate damaged blades that aren't moving swiftly or a dying motor. A buzzing sound may indicate obstruction of airflow inside the system. Your AC unit may also produce mixed noises when there's a combination of issues. Therefore, call a professional HVAC contractor to inspect your system and perform the necessary tune-ups. 

High Humidity Levels Inside Your House

There may be sweltering days, especially during the summer and spring seasons. But this isn't to mean there should be high humidity levels inside your home or office. Your AC unit should be able to take care of your indoors' humidity automatically. 

Several reasons may cause your air conditioner's inability to handle high humidity. Maybe the evaporator coil cannot cool the air because it's not getting cold enough. Or perhaps the AC's refrigerant needs some maintenance. Luckily, a simple tune-up of the coils should be enough to get your AC working efficiently again.

Your AC Emits Bad Odors

Imagine getting home from work only to be greeted by a horrible odor in the air. This may occur when your AC unit has wet filters, fungus buildup, grime and dust in the condenser coils, or a clog in the drain line. It could also happen when there are air filtration issues, allowing foul odors from outside to fill your home.

A professional HVAC contractor will eliminate all trapped dirt, fungus, and bacteria inside the system. They'll also check if the filtration system is working in case the smells are coming from outside. In the end, this leaves your AC unit clean and eliminates strange odors.

Leaks Around the Unit

Water droplets near your air conditioner are a sign that the refrigeration is leaking out. If a moldy smell accompanies the leaks, there may be water accumulation in the drain pan or ducts if you have a ducted system. 

These water leaks should be taken seriously. If left unattended, they may lead to the growth of fungus and mildew, which are harmful to your health. Contact an HVAC technician immediately to investigate the cause of leakage and repair it. They can provide more information regarding AC services.