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4 Consequences Of Not Replacing Your AC Unit In Time

Though air conditioning systems are made to last a long time, they are not exempt from experiencing breakdowns. So, like any other appliance, your AC will likely experience a malfunction at one point in time. When that happens, most homeowners weigh the cost of repairing it against that of replacing it.

Of course, a new air conditioning installation is usually costlier than a repair. However, some instances will call for the unit's replacement, and failure to do that can result in the following consequences.

The Energy Bills Skyrocket

The amount of electricity that your AC system uses depends on how efficiently it is running. If some components fail, the unit will run for longer hours and use more power than usual. As a result, your monthly electrical bill will spike. But once you replace the unit, you may experience improved efficiency, enabling you to steer clear of ridiculously high energy bills.

The House Becomes Stuffier

The air conditioner should circulate cool and fresh air inside your house at all times. It achieves this function by getting the air from the room, filtering the dust particles out, and cooling it down using the refrigerant. When the warm air gets inside the unit, the refrigerant takes the heat from it and evaporates.

A separate compression process allows the heat to escape to the outside. If anything in this process stops working, your house will feel warmer than it should. In that case, you should consider replacing the entire unit. That is because some components, such as the compressor, are pretty costly to replace, and repair costs can be high. 

The Unit Keeps Making Odd Noises

Excessive noise is a telltale sign of a dying AC. Typically, noises begin to occur when the mechanical components start to wear out. In this situation, it is advisable to have an AC technician assess your unit and decide whether the damage is worth replacing.

The House Develops Unusual Smells

The AC unit should freshen up the air in the rooms. But if you notice a burning smell, it is likely that the unit's electrical systems have failed and need to be repaired. Also, a musty odor signifies the growth of mold in the internal components. But you can keep your home fresh by investing in a new air conditioning system with modern air filtration features.

Keeping tabs on the condition of your AC will enable you to know when it is time for a new air conditioning installation. That way, you will avoid the above costly consequences. Contact an air conditioning installation service near you to learn more.