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Plumbing Services Your Old Plumbing May Need

As the plumbing lines in your home get older, they begin to develop problems due to wear and tear. You may need more frequent plumbing services to keep your drains flowing and prolong the life of your pipes. Here's a look at some plumbing services you might need for an old plumbing system.

Get Rid Of Tree Roots

Tree roots are a common problem for drains. As roots get bigger and grow toward the drain in search of water, they can start to cause problems. Roots can invade a drain and cause it to clog off. Roots can also grow up against a drain and shift it from position and cause a drain leak.

A plumber can eliminate roots in a drain by using a hydro jet. The water jet cuts through roots and scrubs them from the sides of the drain to eliminate all traces of the roots and the clog. If roots cause a drain leak, the plumber might be able to patch the cracked area and stop the leak. If not, the drain might need to be replaced.

Descale A Corroded Pipe

If your area has hard water, your pipes can build up scale over time. The scale can get quite thick and cause the inside of a drain or pipe to look corroded. The scale can even affect your water heater and anything else that comes in contact with water.

Descaling is the process of removing built-up scale so the diameter of the pipe increases and the risk of clogs diminishes. Descaling can be done with chemicals that dissolve the scale or with a hydro jet.

Repipe Your Home

At some point, your old pipes may just get so old and in such bad shape that the risk of rupturing and leaking is so high that it's unacceptable. When that happens, your plumber may recommend repiping your home. This involves replacing all of the old pipes with new ones.

This can be a big and expensive undertaking, but it's worth it to change out bad pipes so they don't cause water damage to your home.

Clear A Clogged Drain

Clogs might get more frequent as your pipes age and corrosion, scale, and tree roots accumulate in the pipes. Plus, years of greasy dishes being rinsed down the drain, lint from the washer, and food from the garbage disposal can build up and lead to clogging.

Drain clogs can be cleared with a drain snake or a hydro jet. A clogged sewer line is a fairly common reason to need plumbing services, and you may need to call a plumber occasionally to clear out the sewer or other drains.

To get more information, contact a local plumber.