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Noisy Cooling Systems: What's Wrong With Your AC?

If your air conditioner seems louder than usual, have a technician check it out for you soon. Air conditioning systems can become noisy for a number of reasons. Your AC units may need a good cleaning, or the air ducts in your house may be clogged. No matter what the problem is, you want to solve it quickly. Learn more about noisy cooling systems below.

Why Is Your Cooling System So Noisy?

If you use your air conditioning system most of the year, it can become dirty over time. Dirt, dust, cobwebs, and even insects can build up inside the unit inside your home. Dirt, grass, and plants can also build up inside the unit outside your home. Both units can experience issues if they clog up with debris.

The air ducts in your walls, floors, and ceiling may also be clogged with dirt. Air can't travel through the ducts properly if they become blocked. The debris inside your air ducts may also backtrack into the cooling unit inside your home. The unit may struggle to cool your home as result.

If you can, take time to clean the units in your cooling system. If your cooling system still seems too loud for you, contact an air conditioning technician right away. Your cooling system may need repairs.

How Do You Quiet Down Your Cooling System?

An air conditioning technician will check each cooling unit in your home for problems. The indoor unit will become noisy if it freezes up with ice. If the coil is frozen, a contractor will defrost it for you. 

If the indoor unit is clean or free of ice, a technician will check the outdoor unit. The compressor inside the unit may be damaged or broken. If the compressor is damaged, a contractor will need to replace it for you. The outdoor unit won't function properly without a working compressor.

If the compressor isn't the culprit behind the strange noises, a contractor will check the condenser coil in the unit. The coil can become clogged, dented, or damaged over time. The coil can release heat from the system properly if it's damaged. A contractor will most likely clean the coil to see if it solves the issue. 

If none of the things above are behind your noisy cooling system, it may be time to obtain a new air conditioning system. The old system may have passed its lifespan.

For more information on air conditioning repair, contact a professional near you.