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5 Things To Expect From Residential Air Conditioning Servicing

Is your AC's performance wanting? The truth is that your AC is only as good as the care you give it. You should schedule regular maintenance to keep your AC operating optimally. However, the AC can be intimidating, especially to someone not used to working with hand tools. The better solution is to use residential air conditioning service contracts and leave these matters to professionals. Such a contract will typically involve routine maintenance tasks and minor repairs. What can you expect during residential air conditioning servicing when the technicians come?

1. Remove Debris From the Outdoor Unit

This can cause debris buildup and impact your cooling system's performance. Generally, your technician will clean and inspect your outdoor unit at every service call. If there is a huge debris buildup, expect them to remove it. Keeping this area free of debris keeps the filters going for longer and improves the quality of air coming in.

2. Clean and Straighten the Fins

Dirt in the fins can impede airflow and make your AC less effective. At times, knocks and bumps against the unit will bend the fins. The technician will clean the fins with a gentle spray from the hose if there is not much dirt. They will also straighten the fins to clear trapping points for dirt and debris.

3. Clear Vegetation Around the Unit

Bushes and shrubs around the outdoor unit will block airflow and become a source of debris clogging the AC's filters. Residential air conditioning servicing will include clearing these overgrown shrubs or bushes around the AC's outdoor unit. There is an added advantage because clearing the vegetation denies small animals breeding grounds attracted by the warmth around the unit. 

4. Clean Evaporator Coil and Drain Pan

Dust on the AC's evaporator coil and the drain pan is a common cause of poor cooling. This dirt interferes with heat exchange and causes poor cooling. A dirty drain pan also attracts mold and gives off nasty odors. The AC technician will clean the evaporator coils and the drain pan to ward off these problems. 

5. Check and Change the Filter

The filter removes impurities and dust before they can enter your system, saving you money in energy costs over time. The AC filter prevents dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris from entering the system and clogging it. It's important to change it regularly, especially in dusty conditions. Changing your air conditioning filters is a quick fix that can save you money.

An air conditioner in optimal performance is a source of comfort for your family, so it should always be in the best shape. Regular servicing also saves you money by preventing major breakdowns. Contact an AC service such as Mid Atlantic Mechanical and Repair, LLC to discuss residential air conditioning service contracts for your home.