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Find Out Why Your AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

An air conditioner (AC) is essential in extremely hot and humid regions to provide cool air to help withstand the soaring temperatures. However, when your AC fails to deliver cool air and attain a comfortable temperature setting, there could be a malfunction. If neglected, the unit might suddenly give out, rendering it inoperable. Thus, it is wise to employ AC repair services for a diagnostic callout to determine the underlying issue and fix it for peak cooling performance. Read on to learn why your air conditioner is not blowing cold air. 

Electrical Malfunctions

Your AC needs power to blow cool air through the ducts to your house. However, if an electrical fault occurs, the compressor may lack the power to compress the refrigerant, impeding heat exchange. As a result, the unit will blow room-temperature air from the vents. Moreover, if a power surge occurs, a voltage overload may blow a fuse and trip the circuit breaker shutting the system off. Therefore, you should engage an AC technician to install a surge protector, replace the fuses, and reset the circuit breaker.

Faulty Thermostat

If there is a huge discrepancy between the programmed setting and the room temperature, your system will not cool your house. In addition, dead batteries will not power the thermostat; hence it will fail to send instructions to the air conditioner to engage the cooling cycles. Alternatively, your unit will not cool your home if the wiring is defective or improperly fixed in the thermostat sockets. Thus, it is imperative to contact an AC professional to direct you to the right thermostat setting and how to wire it properly.

Refrigerant Leak

The air conditioner's coolant facilitates heat exchange by extracting the heat from the air and dissipating it outdoors. If the refrigerant lines develop holes or the valves loosen, the coolant will leak, reducing the cooling output. Over time, when the refrigerant depletes, you will not experience any air from the vents. This results in the compressor overworking, which may cause its burnout. It is advisable to hire an AC repair contractor to patch the line set and recharge the AC with refrigerant for maximum cooling power.

Clogged Air Filters

Air filters trap debris that may clog them up over time, restricting airflow. Consequently, the other components will strain to provide adequate cooling to your home. For example, the evaporator coils will freeze as the coolant circulates without sufficient air for cooling. As a result, the AC will shut down and fail to provide cool air.

If your AC fails to deliver cool air, it will cause the electricity bills to spike and the AC unit may break down entirely. Thus, you should hire an AC specialist to maintain your unit routinely and ensure it is operating at peak efficiency.

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