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4 Furnace Noises That Call For Immediate Appliance Repair

Certain background noises are to be expected as part of modern living. From the rattling sound of your furnace cooling down to a faint hum when the burners ignite, you may hear different sounds from devices around your home. However, your heating appliance could be defective if these sounds escalate into strange and disruptive noises. Such malfunctions may cause your unit to overwork in heating your house, reducing its efficiency. 

Since you do not want to incur a preventable cost to replace a broken-down unit, you should hire an HVAC specialist to fix the issue. The following are furnace noises a professional should address promptly. 


If the igniter is faulty, you might hear banging noises when the furnace activates. This is because dirt and grime may have built up, blocking the gas jets and creating excessive gas accumulation before the weak igniter can light it successfully. As a result, your furnace will produce banging noises as the large mass of gas ignites. Therefore, it is imperative that you engage an HVAC specialist to clean dirt off the burner for safe operation.


Your furnace will likely produce scrapping noises when the blower wheel begins to deteriorate. Over time, the blower wheel may wear down and produce metal fillings that fall into other parts. This leads to metal surfaces scrapping against each other and producing screeching noises. Alternatively, when the bearings wear out, they may screech when they come into contact with other metal surfaces. Thus, you should employ the services of an HVAC repair expert to lubricate the moving parts as needed.


Typically, a furnace produces a low humming sound while in operation. Nonetheless, if this sound becomes noticeably loud, the furnace's electrical system could be malfunctioning. If the furnace was installed as a DIY project without securing the electrical connections properly, your unit might short-circuit. As a result, the capacitor can blow up and prevent the blower fan from engaging when the system starts. This leads to a loud humming sound that does not diminish with the unit's operation. 


If the air passages are faulty, you might hear low popping sounds when you engage the furnace. This is due to temperature fluctuation that causes the ducts to inflate and contract frequently. Consequently, the ducts increase during the heating cycles and produce a pop sound when they return to their contracted state. As such, you should contact a technician to ensure the proper size of ducts for your furnace. Moreover, they will seal the joints and insulate them to prevent heat loss.

Despite the furnace producing certain ambient sounds, it should not be disruptive. Thus, you need to hire an HVAC expert to resolve the problems behind the above sounds and maintain your unit for peak efficiency.

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