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Why Do Some Of Your Rooms Never Seem To Get Warm?

Are some of your rooms nice and cozy in the winter, while others remain chilly and uncomfortable? This might have to do with your windows; maybe some are leaky and others are in better shape. Or, it could have to do with insulation. Maybe those chilly rooms don't have enough. But what if you have already eliminated these possibilities? The problem may then come down to your heating system. Here are some heating system issues that can lead to this issue and what a heating repair contractor can do about them.

Problem #1: Too slow of a fan.

Your furnace has a blower that propels the heated air into the ducts. If this fan is not powerful enough, then it may not actually propel the air fast enough to make it to all of your vents. The vents that are furthest from the furnace may not get much air, which means those rooms won't get very warm. If this is the issue you're dealing with, then your furnace repair contractor may be able to adjust your fan so it propels air faster. Or, in some cases, they may need to replace the fan with a more powerful model.

Problem #2: A damaged furnace burner.

The furnace burner is the part that actually combusts natural gas (or in some cases, propane or oil) to produce heat. A lot of things can go wrong with this burner, especially if it is on the older side. It may become covered in soot, or it may crack. When things like this happen, the furnace may no longer generate enough heat to heat the whole home. The rooms closest to the furnace may get warm, but others stay chilly. Some burner problems, such as a dirty burner, are fixable. Others will prompt your HVAC contractor to recommend a replacement.

Problem #3: Blocked vents or ducts.

Your furnace might be working just fine, but the air is not making its way to all of the vents. One or more of the vents may be stuck closed. Or, there may be an obstruction in one of your ducts. An HVAC contractor can quickly tell whether one of these problems are occurring by sending a camera into the ducts. Luckily, damaged vents are easy to replace, and most duct obstructions are easy to remove.

If some of your rooms never get warm, don't ignore this problem. Talk to a furnace replacement contractor and let them know what's going on. In almost all cases, they can fix it.